1. Haute Couture is LGBQ's skeleton in a well furnished misogynist closet. And republicans protect it.

    Haute Couture: Gay male designers choosing profit over cancelling the trope of the degraded wellbeing of female runway models. They call it androgyny. They call it art. They call poor chic's casual depravity whatever they want.... to conceal marketing for and toa heterosexual n
  2. DeSantis still wants your kids to die from extreme crash diets and fentanyl laced supplements.

    Heroin Chic and Anorexia Normalizing will continue to flow in teenage targeted fashion ads. New York needs new sex traffic victims and all Ron DeSantis care's about is harassing draq queens because its the lowest hanging fruit for political fodder. #Politics #AnorexiaNervosa #Po