1. New Zealanders gather across country to protest new policies

    By: Lucy Craymer WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Thousands of protesters gathered in New Zealand's city squares, motorway over-bridges and in front of the country's parliament on Tuesday to protest the new government's policies that they believe are racist. The protest action was called for
  2. "The idea that this has to do with his First Amendment rights is bogus through and through." neal_katyal discusses Trump misleadingly saying that a protective order, which both Smith and Trump’s teams agreed to, takes away his First Amendment rights. #Pollitics bird video
  3. Climate Change Can Turn Snow Into Rain, Raising Risks in Mountain Zones High-altitude regions will get more extreme rain than previously thought, making floods and landslides more likely, a study finds. .....YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, NOAA, ISSSUED A FLOOD ALERT IN MY SMALL TOWN, SKI ARE