1. This is what the federal Conservatives will do if elected in Canada. (1) Deliberate underfunding of healthcare. (2) Accuse health bureaucracies of inefficiencies. (3) Bring in for-profit companies as an alleged solution. (4) For-profits drive down salaries, services, and quality
  2. Vote! And for the right candidate only.

    When deciding who to vote for, look at each candidate, what their record is, and what their platform is. And have they signed the pledge go give us back our Constitution and our power, from the corporations who stole it? movetoamend.org/pledge
  3. Trump was able to execute a not-so-subtle takeover of the Republican party because they have slowly, over time lost their mooring and are totally devoid of any actual political platforms or policies that are grounded in reality. Ask them to point to specific Bible verses that rein
  4. #USPolitics #politics #JDVance is running for VP by aligning with #Trump platform: illegality, insurrection and dictatorship. This is why #Trump and the #GOP have to be defeated in the #elections2024 .
  5. Opinion: Fear is destroying the GOP from inside out

    By Opinion by Charlie Dent Editor’s Note: Charlie Dent is a former Republican congressman from Pennsylvania who served as chair of the House Ethics Committee from 2015 until 2017 and chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Rela
  6. Obamacare premiums rise for 2024, but subsidies will protect most enrollees

    By Tami Luhby, CNN Premiums are going up again on the federal Affordable Care Act exchange, but generous subsidies will shield most consumers seeking coverage from the increased cost. The average monthly premium for the benchmark silver plan in 2024 will rise by 4% in the 32 states
  7. How the ‘uniparty’ myth shut the House down

    By Analysis by Zachary B. Wolf, CNN A version of this story appears in CNN’s What Matters newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here . Republicans’ House speaker morass continued Tuesday with a little help from former President Donald Trump. Yet another lawmaker with
  8. California man sentenced to 1-year in federal prison for cyberstalking, harassing parent of Parkland school shooting victim

    By Melissa Alonso, CNN A California man who sent hundreds of harrowing messages to an activist against gun violence whose daughter was killed in the 2018 Parkland, Florida, school shooting has been sentenced to 1 year in federal prison, according to prosecutors and court documents
  9. One of the most important jobs in American politics has turned into a nightmare

    By Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN Winning a majority party’s nomination for speaker of the House of Representatives usually elevates a lawmaker into the pantheon of American political leaders. But such is the toxicity of the GOP three weeks after the ouster of Speaker Kevin McC