1. Amazon Workers in NC Work to Unionize

    "The fight to unionize Amazon is taking place at multiple facilities in multiple states around the United States, as well as globally. Amazon is the second largest corporation in the U.S. and unionizing it is a crucial task of the working class in the U.S. and globally. "The path
  2. By Oleksandra Matviichuk My friend, a writer, texted last night from his trench to say a gentle goodbye. His unit is expecting an attack anytime, but they do not have the heavy artillery they need to repel the assault. I am thousands of miles away from Ukraine, on a six-city lectur
  3. #giftarticle "But dozens of Mr. Kennedy’s former colleagues at the Natural Resources Defense Council are calling on him to withdraw from the race, in full-page advertisements sponsored by the group’s political arm that are expected to appear in newspapers in six swing states on S
  4. Azov Brigade asks to be removed from blacklists blocking supply of Western weapons

    By Alona Mazurenko Denys Prokopenko, the Commander of the Azov Assault Brigade, has called for the brigade to be removed from the US Appropriations Bill, which prohibits Azov from receiving Western weaponry. Source: an article by Prokopenko for Ukrainska Pravda Quote: "Nonsense. Th
  5. ⬇️ 👀 🇨🇦 👍 👏 👌 April 18, 2024. Following first and second readings in the House of Commons, Bill C-355 moved on to the committee stage of the legislative process, where interested individuals and representatives from various organizations appeared before the Standing Committee on Agricult