1. Bob Conrad of This Is Reno covers District Court Judge Mark Denton's denial of a police union's attempt to force the Las Vegas Review Journal to redact the faces of police officers in a published video. NAPSO's attorney complained that new laws rendered the faces of police office
  2. Boniface Mwangi Exposes Real Reason Behind Corruption In Police Service

    By Hebrews Rono Activist Boniface Mwangi defended police officers, emphasising that corruption menace plaguing the NPS was a consequence of their working conditions Mwangi called for improved welfare, counselling services, and the formation of a police union to address their concer
  3. Think the Police Should Wear Body Cameras? That Will Cost Taxpayers Extra

    Excuse me but, WTAF? Police unions forcing their governing agencies to pay the cops extra to wear and use body worn cameras (BWC) is ridiculous and should never be so. The claim of "loss of privacy" is a sham. It's not so easy to abuse people and violate rules, regulations, and th