1. On Manhattan, as this first trial has ended with conviction, I expect the SECOND Trump criminal trial will shortly have indictment(s) and it is the Trump personal tax crime trial. This is copycat of Allen Weisselberg 1 where Trump will face about 12 years on top of what all he ha
  2. LOL Mark Meadows has a plea bargain with Jack Smith. He rats everybody out. But he did not get deal in Georgia, he goes to prison there Sidney Powell has a plea bargain in Georgia but did not get one with Jack Smith, goes to federal prison Kenny McCheese and Jenna Ellis have deals
  3. Plea Bargains with Prof. Dripps

    University of San Diego law professor Donald Dripps joins us to educate us on the plea bargain system which has essentially replaced what we think of as our criminal justice system. Prof. Dripps explains why defendants waive their right to a jury trial by pleading guilty, why def
  4. Remember Kenny McCheddar has already testified in AZ, he was on his confession tour, that was as solid as Swiss Cheese. I expect his plea bargains will all be nullified and Brother Brie will find himself indicted in all of these states as well... and then find the local prosecuto
  5. Yes, General Mike Flynn is a witness against Trump, which is why he was not indicted. He has a plea bargain, like Sen Lindsey Graham, like Bannon, like Lin Wood. Yes, Flynn is compelled to testify under oath and may not deviate from what he testified under oath in his deposition,
  6. If Weisselberg does not confess everything, he gets no immunity deal. He HAS to confess everything. If he confesses part, but forgets something, they take him for all he testifies and the nullify his plea bargain with the crimes he left out. No, Allen is not that dumb. And he cha
  7. #trumparrested #trump #MAGA #Ivanka #Sedition #PleaBargains #karmaisabitch #trumpisguity #Guilty #TraitorTrash