1. Kyle Griffin: Mike Johnson led efforts in the House to overturn the 2020 election. He led the GOP's amicus brief claiming the election was riddled w/fraud & irregularities. In a new interview with Playbook, Johnson was asked if he had regrets about the role he played after the ele
  2. The #4thEstate is scared of the #GOP . They are owned by the 1% and run its #Playbook , cowards and #Fascist twats
  3. Warn Voters About the Radicalism Beyond Trump

    By Nancy MacLean What should the Democrats run on? Alerting every voter to what is in store for them if the radical right succeeds in its endgame to enchain American democracy. Lurking behind the full-frontal assault by Donald Trump and his enablers lies a more far-reaching threat.
  4. Don’t Just Defend Choice. Play Offense Over It.

    By Ilyse Hogue President Joe Biden is staking his reelection and the future of this country on an American love for democracy. Marking the third anniversary of the January 6 insurrection near the Revolutionary War encampment at Valley Forge, he cautioned his audience, “We’re livin
  5. Needed: An Unprecedented Pitch to Voters of Color

    By Cornell Belcher At the start of 2023, a New York Times headline proclaimed “Biden Aims To Win Back White Working-class Voters Through Their Wallets.” For the past year (or decade, or arguably four decades), a great deal of media pundit time and attention has been spent waxing o
  6. Fight Like the Fate of the Nation Is at Stake. Because It Is.

    By Michael Tomasky For months, Donald Trump has been crystal clear about the campaign he will wage—one of retribution against the “ Godless Marxists ” and others who have tried to defend democracy and bring Trump to the bar of justice. Joe Biden and the Democrats, meanwhile, have bar
  7. EU in stalemate crisis after Ursula Von der Leyen's budget plans usurped by Hungary

    By Millie Cooke The EU has found itself in a stalemate with Hungary, after the nation blocked plans to send further financial aid to Ukraine. Viktor Orban vetoed the EU's plans to send £43 billion (€50 billion) in aid to Kyiv. The aid negotiations will resume next year, EU leaders s
  8. #Hamas #Terrorists #Looting #Raping #Killing #UkrainianCitizens #Ukraine #Playbook #Israel
  9. Project 2025 Dictatorship Playbook
  10. Cliff notes of project 2025 "playbook".