1. Some vegan foods linked to increase in risk of heart attack and strokes

    By Neil Shaw & Rom Preston-Ellis Switching to a plant-based diet is generally considered a healthy move - but new research suggests that some vegetarian and vegan foods could increase the risk of stroke or heart attack by 15 per cent. The study analysed the diets of over 118,000 pe
  2. Dietician shares 'easiest habit' you can do to boost immune system and improve heart health

    By Lauren Haughey A food expert has shared a simple dietary habit that will 'elevate' your health. Exercising, staying hydrated and getting in your five-a-day are among the typical things we're told to do if keeping fit is our goal. But one dietician claims there's another easy way
  3. ‘I’m 64 - a simple meal plan helped me shed pounds and stay slender after menopause without dieting'

    By Solen Le Net Weight management can prove a challenge at the best of times, but a hormonal decline during menopause tends to make fat loss harder. Fortunately, slimmers have managed to successfully shed pounds after menopause with the help of simple dietary tweaks. Tamara, a 64-ye
  4. Awesome 👍🏽 😎 both these plants are in pots sitting on the ground 😆 I have soldier beans seeds coming Monday and I'll have to be very creative cooking them bc my husband gets bored easily. I love green beans any way they come, even raw. There's one green bean you can't eat raw.
  5. Alzheimer's patients claim they have reversed disease in bombshell research

    By Yelena Mandenberg In an eye-opening documentary, CNN's top health expert Dr. Sanjay Gupta has shed light on how everyday habits might lower the risk of Alzheimer's, citing two individuals who have managed to stop the progression of the disease . The focus of the CNN film "The Who
  6. Dr. Jane Goodall's 90th Birthday Message: What You Do Makes a Difference “We are arguably the most intelligent being that’s ever walked planet Earth with this extraordinary brain. Yet we’re destroying the only home we have. Let’s replace violence and intolerance with understandin
  7. Current Trends In Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

    1. Plant-Based Diet : More people are adopting plant-based diets or reducing their meat consumption for health and environmental reasons. 2. Functional Fitness : Functional fitness focuses on movements that mimic everyday activities, improving strength, flexibility, and balance. 3. M
  8. #vegan #PlantBasedDiet #plantbased
  9. I was surprised to see oatmeal on this chart. I think of it more as a healthy carb and am glad to know it has protein too. #MeatlessMonday #PlantBasedDiet