1. Jeremy Clarkson rips apart BBC's climate agenda as he celebrates environmental victory with brilliant swipe

    By Alex Davies Jeremy Clarkson has celebrated the discovery of over 800 new species of animal heading into 2024 amid the modern world's ongoing climate complaints. Writing in his last column of 2023, the Clarkson's Farm host lauded the fact that more and more new species of animals
  2. We humans are bastards #PlanetEarthIII
  3. BBC Planet Earth cameraman describes emotions as he filmed rhino walking on busy street

    By Nicola Methven Capturing amazing footage of a rhino on a busy street looking for food was a bittersweet experience for a Planet Earth III filmmaker. Producer Fredi Devas said: “It is sad the urban environment is encroaching on wild places but I was also filled with admiration fo
  4. Free Posters from The Open University

    I get exciting free posters from The Open University. I get them for my wife to decorate her classroom. You can get them at this link. Only current offers are delivered as a poster, earlier ones can be downloaded. Current free poster is Planet Earth III
  5. BBC's Planet Earth III heartbreak as adorable wolf and two pups drowned after filming

    By Nicola Methven The mother maned wolf and two of the three pups featured in tonight's Planet Earth III were found dead shortly after filming ended. The tragic discovery came after film-makers and scientific researchers had tracked the shy, fruit-eating mammals in Brazil’s Cerrado
  6. BBC defended by Countryfile star: 'Highlighting need for climate action is being impartial!'

    By Alex Davies The BBC's impartiality has been defended by Countryfile contributor James Wong following a number of complaints regarding its coverage of issues such as climate change. Botanist Wong - who has been a regular contributor on several of the Beeb's nature shows - spoke t