1. Looks like a pretty cool future to me! ✌🏼 🌈 ⚧️ ☮️ ☯️ #peace #harmony #liveandletlive #environment #planetearth #humanity #equality #loveislove
  2. Ancient Mars 'Surprisingly' Like Earth, NASA Rover Reveals

    By Robyn White Ancient Mars may have been surprisingly similar to planet Earth, a NASA rover has revealed. Using the ChemCam instrument on NASA's Curiosity rover, research teams from the Los Alamos National Laboratory's Space Science in New Mexico, and Applications group, made a st
  3. All Sky Moon Shadow

    If the Sun is up but the sky is dark and the horizon is bright all around, you might be standing in the Moon's shadow during a total eclipse of the Sun. In fact, the all-sky Moon shadow shown in this composited panoramic view was captured from a farm near Shirley, Arkansas, plane
  4. Why is David Attenborough being 'replaced' on new Planet Earth episode?

    By Tamara Davison A new generation of environmental activists is stepping into David Attenborough ’s shoes to present the latest Planet Earth . The 97-year-old biologist and broadcaster, famed for his soothing voice and love of the natural world, will be temporarily replaced by 50 sc
  5. Don't Chuck That Tech: 7 Simple Ways to Recycle Electronics

    By Chandra Steele Planet Earth has a massive electronic waste problem. We humans throw away so many phones, computers, batteries, and other electronic junk that in just a single year, we create over 136 billion pounds (62 billion kilograms) of e-waste. And to make matters worse, o
  6. In The Garden Today | 11 April 2024

    Scilla siberica, the Siberian squill (or wood squill) is a tiny perennial plant, not more than 4" high, with one of the most intense blues in Nature. We grow Scilla in our small patch of grass; it's in full flower by mid-April and has completed blooming by the time the grass need
  7. What is a white dwarf? Scientists predict the death of our solar system

    By Tamara Davison Leading scientists have suggested that parts of our solar system will eventually meet their end as a result of a white dwarf star. As the Sun, our solar system’s only star, becomes increasingly volatile, it will probably also destroy Earth. Scientists from the Univ
  8. I was watching "Planet Earth" yesterday. During their Spring migration, caribou travel in an enormous pack of thousands to find a source of food and water. A caribou is perfectly capable of trampling a human being. As they migrate, they encounter hungry wolves, who target them, a
  9. David Attenborough, 97, rakes in incredible seven-figure sum as BBC presenter's staggering earnings uncovered

    By Lauren Williams David Attenborough has become a staple in many households across the country, giving an in-depth insight into the natural world and the animals we survive alongside. After beginning his career in 1950, the TV legend has hardly been off viewers' screens – meaning