1. Why Alcoa Shares Are Trading Higher; Here Are 20 Stocks Moving Premarket

    By Priya Nigam Shares of Alcoa Corporation (NYSE: AA ) rose sharply in today’s pre-market trading after the company reported better-than-expected sales for its first quarter . The company reported quarterly losses of 81 cents per share, according to data from Benzinga Pro . Alcoa stil
  2. Why ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Shares Are Trading Higher By 9%; Here Are 20 Stocks Moving Premarket

    By Avi Kapoor ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. (NYSE: ZIM ) shares rose sharply in today's pre-market trading after Jefferies upgraded the stock from Hold to Buy and raised its price target from $14 to $20. ZIM Integrated Shipping Services shares climbed 9.2% to $14.72 in pre-m
  3. 12 Consumer Staples Stocks Moving In Monday's After-Market Session

    By Benzinga Insights Gainers Better Choice Co (AMEX: BTTR ) stock rose 9.3% to $0.24 during Monday's after-market session. Today's trading volume for this security ended up closing at 950.1K shares, which is 311.4 percent of its average volume over the last 100 days. The company's ma
  4. Why REX American Resources Are Trading Lower By 9%? Here Are Other Stocks Moving In Wednesday's Mid-Day Session

    By Lisa Levin Gainers NanoVibronix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NAOV ) shares jumped 89.5% to $2.7852 after the company reported outcomes from a UroShield study conducted at the University of Southampton in the U.K. AgileThought, Inc. (NASDAQ: AGIL ) jumped 59.5% to $0.2485 after falling 17% on Tue
  5. Why Clene Shares Are Trading Lower By 20%; Here Are 20 Stocks Moving Premarket

    By Lisa Levin Gainers Evelo Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVLO ) shares gained 192.8% to $0.2427 in pre-market trading. Evelo Biosciences was granted U.S. patent #11672834 for "Prebiotic Compositions And Methods Of Use Thereof For Modulation Of The Microbiome." Plutonian Acquisition Cor