1. Giant pigs in blankets Yorkshire pudding recipe is a 'big plate of stodgy heaven'

    By Liam Gilliver If you want to elevate your Christmas roast this year, look no further. A genius creation which is being touted as a 'toad in an extra cosy robe' combined two festive dinner classics: pigs in blankets and Yorkshire puddings . The recipe, from foodie Gayle Chapman, h
  2. Nearly four in 10 say 'Friendsmas' celebrations are their favourite Christmas tradition

    By Martin Winter Tomorrow is set to be the busiest day for Christmas get-togethers with friends – as it emerged that six in 10 feel these celebrations are more fun than family gatherings. Nearly two-thirds of adults (64%) will meet up for so-called “Friendsmas” events over the fes
  3. Jamie Oliver's heavenly twist on pigs in blankets that will elevate Christmas dinner

    By Ayaan Ali Everyone looks forward to their favourite dishes at Christmas - including the popular pigs in blankets. You can now enjoy it a whole lot more thanks to TV chef Jamie Oliver's new twist on the classic dish. Pigs in blankets taste even better when they are made at home,
  4. Top tips to make your Christmas feast healthy without skipping the indulgence

    By Juliette Kellow The idea of serving nutritious nibbles, wholesome desserts or a healthy Christmas lunch may seem a bit far-fetched, but if there’s ever a time of year when we need to focus on our health, it’s the festive season. As winter kicks in, so too do all the seasonal cou
  5. Supermarkets accused of watering down mulled wine and hiking price of mince pies

    By Levi Winchester Supermarkets have watered down the alcohol content in mulled wine, in another cost of living blow for Brits this Christmas . Sainsbury’s Mull It Over wine costs £3.50 this year, up from £3.25 in 2022, despite the alcohol by volume (ABV) being reduced from 5.5% to