1. SF Sidewalk Haiku #124 Bedding gets a bad beat Loud Garish even But alive amidst gray ©️ 01/06/2024, 📸 01/04/2024 Rick Ehling. #NoeValley #SanFrancisco #California Now that Spring is officially upon us, I wanted to remember bedding singing on the grayer days. #Petunia , likely Cali
  2. Chinese scientists reveal novel mechanism of angiosperm self-incompatibility

    By Zhang Nannan Self-incompatibility (SI) is a widespread intraspecific reproductive barrier in flowering plants, a system for rejecting self-pollen to prevent seed set after self-pollination. In Solanaceae, Plantaginaceae, Rosaceae, and Rutaceae, the SI system is controlled by a
  3. 🩷How Great Thou Art!🩷 #Petunia Stunning all season. Low-growing plants. Surfinia® Summer Double™ – Double-flowered petunias with a tidy mounding habit heat and rain tolerance. Surfinia Sumo® – Bred for landscapes, Surfinia Sumo is perfect for large hanging baskets, and be ds.
  4. Induced production of specialized steroids by transcriptional reprogramming in Petunia hybrida

    By Science X staff Plants produce a dizzying array of chemical compounds known as secondary metabolites, which help them flourish under fluctuating environmental conditions. Some of these metabolites defend against insect attack, while others help plants communicate, time life cyc
  5. Mandarin Muse , egg tempera on panel, 26 x 26 cm, August 2023 It began with the colour orange. I found my court lady, a part of a collection, at Adullam’s Cave in Stowmarket a few weeks ago. Calendulas & mandarins, and the cardinal is peeking in from the left. Occasionally I use p