1. Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret

    “As her marriage fell apart, Britt Ekland grew nauseated by the vast sums her husband [Peter Sellers] spent on sucking up to the Snowdons. Peter would supply Tony [Armstrong-Jones, Lord Snowden] with any number of photographic lenses, cameras and flash-guns, and let him have his
  2. Jason Schwartzman and Gael García Bernal on the Many Masks of Acting

    The Asteroid City actor and the Cassandro star look back at Mozart in the Jungle, and reveal their unorthodox methods for finding the characters in their most recent films. By Rebecca Ford In Reunited , Awards Insider hosts a conversation between two Oscar contenders who have collab
  3. Peter Sellers: The Dark Side Of The Goon remux (2023 TV documentary) watched using my Epson EH-LS800 with the Elitescreens Kestrel 100 inch UST Electric Floor-Rising Projector Screen
  4. Bombs Away!

    For MONTHS, we've been telling folks to gtf OFF of Twitter - because Musk, like Peter Sellers in 'Doctor Strangelove,' is determined to ride that ****ing bomb straight into the ground. But no, these folks wouldn't listen, because "we might lose followers!" And now - surprise, sur
  5. John Cleese on The Goon Show, His Earliest Comedy Influence “It was absurdist. It didn’t try to be intellectual, yet it at its core it still was. I always had an affinity for the silly, and the humor of The Goon Show was just that. It was also very subversive. Spike and [co-creato