1. The 30 best films to watch on BFI Player right now, from La Haine to Persona

    By Harry Fletcher,David Ellis and Elizabeth Gregory For cinephiles in 2024, finding the right film to watch isn't so much a chore as a series of endless possibilities: from Criterion Collection and Curzon, to MUBI and BFI Player, there are now so many places to track down seriousl
  2. Trump fraud trial judge jokes he’ll ‘miss’ the case as testimony ends

    By Alex Woodward After 44 days across more than two months, witness testimony in a civil trial that could imperil Donald Trump ’s real estate empire has concluded. Final testimony on Wednesday morning closed a key chapter in a lawsuit that strikes at the heart of the former presiden
  3. See how Delay smartly 'catches' Code Micky in interview, makes him confess to betting

    By Ebenezer Agbey Quist Ghanaian comic vlogger Code Micky confessed during an interview with Delay that he engages in sports betting to generate additional income Delay, known for her probing interviews, questioned Code Micky's portrayal of distress in videos over lost bets, prompt
  4. In Trump’s World, Collateral Coverage

    You might think that when a person of note continually displays indications of malice, prejudice and irresponsible judgment that media might temper its coverage. In the world of Trump, that clearly is not the case so we are constantly bombarded with news of Elon Musk whose person
  5. De Niro trial revealed his real-life drama aligns with his onscreen mob personas

    By Bevan Hurley During a 60-year film career, Robert De Niro has played mobsters and hitmen, fraudsters and hustlers. Now in the twilight of his career, De Niro tends to oscillate between highbrow Martin Scorsese dramas and slapstick comedies. But it’s his mafioso roles that are the
  6. Happy birthday, Steve!

    #OnThisDay in 1945, comedian/actor/writer Steve Martin was born in Waco, Texas. Steve is also an acclaimed banjo player, often performing with the Steep Canyon Rangers. In the 70s, Steve was the most successful stand-up comedian in the U.S. Don't like that? Well, excuuuuuuse me! S
  7. This is a photographic composite image from the In a Bubble Collection (a work in progress) exploring the idea humanity lives in individual bubbles as a consequence of an individual's birth, country, social and economic position, education, values and beliefs, influential associa