1. compass

    By Justus I used up the last of the Waterman blue my dad gave me years ago. My guess is that this ink is half a century old. The boy helped me fill the cartridge so there’s three generations in this pen. . . . . . . In my recent search for pens, I've tried up a bunch of cheap pens. It's
  2. MP Peter Bone has Tory whip suspended after report found he flashed to aide in hotel room

    By Ben Glaze A Tory MP who flashed an aide trapped in his hotel room has been stripped of the Conservative whip. Peter Bone, 70, was hit with the sanction 24 hours after it emerged he faces a six-week ban from the Commons for bullying and sexual misconduct against a member of staff
  3. What is the name of the company that sells individualized corporate gifts like pens and cups and such? Mattie could give them to Dems. Something like, "Mutt Gutz for Pestident 24."
  4. In Sharpie, no doubt.
  5. All the #colours , all the #pens .
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  7. Cats for Caturday

    Happy #Caturday with lots of cats in different colors and mediums (from ink and watercolor, to pens and crayons, the materials used are written next to each cat). #cats #catillustration #mixedmedia #markers #pens #watercolor #ink #crayon