1. Daily Art Escape

    J Myszka Lewis, Botanical Screen 6, 2023, Acrylic and archival inkjet on canvas, mounted to panel, 12 × 9 inches In my practice, I use print media, embroidery, and painting to explore various concepts that stem from considerations of pattern and repetition. In my current work, I d
  2. Daily Art Escape

    Miriam Schapiro, Mixup, 1982, Acrylic paint and fabric on canvas, 61.5 x 50 inches #DailyArtEscape #PostArt #Painting #Collage #PatternAndDecorationMovement
  3. Daily Art Escape

    Miriam Schapiro, Wonderland , 1983, acrylic, fabric and plastic beads on canvas, 90 x 144-1/2 inches We really didn't have any literature telling us it was a good thing to be a woman artist. When I was trained, there were no precedents, and that was something to get really angry ab
  4. Daily Art Escape

    Robert Zakanitch, Rococo Revisited, 2008, Gouache on paper diptych, 96 x 72 inches Beauty is. It is as natural as breathing. . . . I don’t think art is about anything else. ~ Robert Zakanitch #DailyArtEscape #PostArt #Painting #PatternAndDecorationMovement
  5. Daily Art Escape

    Joyce Kozloff, Paris and Brooklyn, 2015, Mixed media on canvas, 36-1/2 x 26-5/8 inches Decoration abolishes hierarchical distinctions between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art. It is not elitist and does not condescend: it will expand our notion of ‘the artist’ and the ‘art audience.’ ~ Joyce K
  6. Daily Art Escape

    Robert Kushner, The Queen in her Boudoir, 2019 , Oil, acrylic, and gold leaf on canvas, 72 x 72 inches The eye can wander, the mind think unencumbered through visual realms that are expansively and emotionally rich. Decoration has always had its own agenda, the sincere and unabashe