1. Reuters: Hezbollah acquires Russian anti-ship missiles

    By Rachel Amran, The Kyiv Independent news desk Hezbollah may have acquired Russian anti-ship missiles, which it can use against American warships, Reuters reported on Nov. 8. Earlier last week, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Washington that his gro
  2. WSJ: Wagner Group may supply air defense systems to Hezbollah

    By Nate Ostiller, The Kyiv Independent news desk Wagner Group may be providing Pantsir anti-aircraft systems to the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, U.S. sources told the Wall Street Journal on Nov. 2. According to one unnamed U.S. official, the transfer is still unconfi
  3. How Iranian, Russian arms makers shared a Belgrade trade fair hall

    By Elisabeth Gosselin-Malo BELGRADE, Serbia — Iranian defense officials were livid at some of the organizers of the “Partner 23″ arms fair here about the placement of their colossal stand: Tucked away in a separate pavilion, shared primarily with Russia’s weapons export agency, wh
  4. #ukraine #russia On the night of September 21, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck the Saki airfield in occupied Crimea. "Babel" was informed about this by sources in SBU. According to their data, there were at least 12 co