1. Did you know that the CIA once organized Patrice Lumumba to be executed by a firing squad? On this day in 1961, Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected leader of Congo, was executed by a firing squad following assassination plots hatched by the US and Belgian government
  2. Revolution in the Sahel

    France keeps losing influence in its former colonial African states: the French embassy in Niger’s capital has now closed – an extremely rare measure. The shutdown marks just the latest blow in a long series of political defeats for Paris in the region, including the withdrawal o
  3. On this day in 1804, Haiti declared its independence after a slave uprising turned into a revolution that crushed the French colonizers.⁠ ⁠ After kicking out the French the former colony was renamed "Haiti", the Indigenous Arawak name for the island, and would become the first Blac
  4. Nigeriens React to French Withdrawal

    "It's not just the French who are our problems. It's the whole of NATO." - said one Nigerien in response to the withdrawal of the last French soldiers from the country, bringing France's decade-long military operation in the Sahel to an end. In the wake of this year's coup in Nig
  5. [TRAILER] Echoes of Empire: British Neocolonialism in Kenya

    Today Kenya commemorates 60 years of independence from Britain. On this milestone anniversary, we are unveiling an exclusive investigation into the ongoing crimes perpetrated by Britain's military in Kenya—the largest such presence in Africa. Echoes of Empire: British Neocoloniali
  6. Today, we commemorate Frantz Fanon, the Afro-Caribbean anti-colonial revolutionary who passed away in 1961. When he died at the young age of 36, his words had already inspired liberation movements worldwide. Fanon was born 98 years ago in the former French colony of Martinique, pa
  7. The skincare brand targeting one of the world’s most underserved beauty markets

    By Nell Lewis, CNN In Africa, demand for beauty and personal care is growing fast but there’s still a gap in what’s available for consumers. Fake cosmetics and skin-whitening products can put consumers at risk, while the global brands that import to the continent are often expensi