1. Government Data Refute the Notion That Overprescribing Caused the 'Opioid Crisis'

    By Richard Lawhern The Federal Trade Commission, which thinks "lack of competition and contracting practices…may be contributing to drug shortages," is soliciting public comments on that subject. But when it comes to opioid pain relievers, the problem is not a lack of competition
  2. A New Pain Medication Could Reinforce the Disastrous Crackdown on Prescription Opioids

    By Jacob Sullum Vertex Pharmaceuticals is trumpeting the results of clinical trials indicating that VX-548, its new, non-opioid analgesic, is effective at relieving post-surgical pain. While there is nothing wrong with offering patients and doctors another option for treating acut
  3. A Netflix Drama Reinforces Pernicious Misconceptions About Pain Treatment

    By Jacob Sullum Former New York Times reporter Barry Meier, whose book about OxyContin is the main basis for the Netflix drama Painkiller , acknowledges that the drug is "valuable for treating severe pain caused by cancer or chronic health issues." The problem, he says , was that Ox