1. Breaking: Small Town Marshall, Missouri Mayor Attempts to Dictate Free Speech

    So as I am browsing news across the USA I came across this likely illegal little fun little morsel from #MarshallMO : 📝 Side Note first: (No government official or police officer has the right to try and suppress your free speech, but that doesn't mean they won't try.) 🚨 The attempt
  2. A Second Rant about Robotaxis.

    I have a previous post on #Robotaxis here in #SanFrancisco and it is becoming abundantly clear to anyone with eyes (you should see how many of them hit the road after the approval, and they’re almost all empty), ears (they have a distinct hum), or a brain that we have a problem w
  3. Jim Jordan, who criminally defied a congressional subpoena , issues a questionable, 10th Amendment violating, likely criminally interfering, congressional subpoena. #Reps #GOP #Lawlessness #trump #MAGA #congressionalSupoenas #10thAmendment #overReach #stateLaws #trumpIndictment