1. "Our Revolution’s 8 million Grassroots Members Across the Country to Use their Ballot to Demand Change course in Gaza"

    The rebellion that President Joe Biden faced among Arab Americans, progressives and young voters on his way to winning Michigan’s Democratic primary is raising questions for his campaign as it looks ahead to #Super #Tuesday and #beyond . Reference Article Many of the people who sel
  2. If the Senate Majority Leader is calling them out… be honest & use the names of the monsters who infiltrated the DNC: Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Pramila Jayapal, DSA, Tad Devine, Nina Turner, Susan Sarandon, Ben Mankiewicz, Justice Dems, The Young Turks, Wikileaks Guru Glenn Green
  3. link VIDEO This is exactly what Susan Sarandon, Nina Turner, Our Revolution, & Justice Dems were successful at achieving FEEL THE BERN
  4. Bernie Sanders-backed group to support Barbara Lee in California Senate primary

    By John Bowden The Bernie Sanders -backed group Our Revolution has cast its endorsement behind Barbara Lee in California ’s Senate primary, which has grown more contentious in recent months as a number of House Democrats vie for the top spot. Our Revolution president Joseph Geevarghe