1. Robot Dreams Is a Joyous Ode to Friendship and '80s New York

    By Stephanie Zacharek In animation , the simplest things can have the biggest impact: the jaunty swish of a dog’s pointed tail, a day-at-the-beach scene rendered in jellybean colors, the way a snowflake drifting from the sky awakens a sleeping beauty, Wizard of Oz –style. Spanish di
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  3. John C. Reilly Wants You to Fall in Love With Him

    The Oscar nominee has secretly reinvented himself over the past year with his vaudeville act, Mister Romantic. It’s the culmination of a singular career—and he’s finally ready to share it with the world. By David Canfield John C. Reilly and I have rubbed noses, but only I know that
  4. Tom Priestly, the Oscar-nominated editor of 'Deliverance,' passes away at the age of 91

    Tom Priestly, a veteran film editor, passed away at the age of 91. He was known for his work on the film "Deliverance," which earned him an Oscar nomination. Priestly, the son of playwright J.B. Priestley, also edited other notable films such as "Exorcist II" and "Return of the P
  5. Kate Winslet reveals her life was 'horrible' and 'quite unpleasant' after Titanic was released

    By Zoe Delaney Kate Winslet says being famous "was horrible" and her life turned "quite unpleasant" at the start of her career. The actress, 48, felt she "had to look a certain way, or be a certain thing" after becoming a household name thanks to the release of Titanic in 1997. Alt
  6. Lily Gladstone Will Campaign for Lead Actress for ‘Killers of the Flower Moon,’ and Could Make History as the First Native American Nominee

    I'm dancing a jig here and I'm not even Irish! Lily not only deserves this nomination but the Oscar itself. #Variety #Oscars #OscarNominee #BestActressNominee #FirstNativeAmericanNominee
  7. 31 Day Song Challenge Day 27 - A Song You Like That Was Nominated for Best Song at the Academy Awards

    The "Best Song" category was first presented at the Seventh Academy Awards in 1934. And the rules of the Best Song category are fairly straightforward. The song must have been created for the film it appears in. It's why Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb were not eligible for their s