1. I had a delightful and funny visit with a favorite patient this afternoon. She was a theater major and a high school drama teacher earlier in her life and recently she has discovered a fun and unexpected way to use her skills. When she gets spam calls (and there are plenty), she
  2. family memories

    When you mention your father's birthday on fb (Jan 30), and your elderly cousin on dad's side says how when my dad's father died in 1937 , my dad was just a teen. When Alice and my uncle Roy and aunt Margaret got from Cadillac to Grand Rapids, she remembers my dad crying. That h
  3. When Will the UN Interfere? WHO will Relieve Kate from Her Deadly's Fear? Misogynistic Anti-abortion, Can't Ignore Human Rights Laws. Mr. Guterres Who Hijacked Women's Dignity & Autonomy? Take Us Back to Reason. Speak Up for Humanity. Give Us Back our Wombs, Voices & Freedom!

    #MadeonPost #repost #originacontent A Poem to Kate Cox by E. van de Craats Ban misogyny, let our wombs free! In the fight for rights, a soul stands strong, Kate Cox, her conviction echoes along, her health matters more than inhumane rules. Her voice breaks through the walls of fear, A
  4. Every freshly baked loaf of bread has aspirations of making it to The Show : becoming the croutons that top the roast butternut squash soup at Thanksgiving dinner. 😆 #cooking #Thanksgiving #PostPotLuck #OriginaContent #postpics
  5. Photo of the Day: Unfortunately, I was not into photography when traveling the world years ago. I relied on my phone or a throw-away camera to capture amazing places. Grande Canal, Venice, Italy. (Phone photo) #photography #originacontent #italy #Venice