1. 3 reasons the UAW is having success in organizing Southern workers – with two Mercedes plants in Alabama the next face-off

    By Stephen J. Silvia, American University School of International Service Workers at two Mercedes plants near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, will soon vote for the first time on whether they want to join a union. Until recently, it would have been safe to presume that a majority of the 5,200
  2. The NABTU has 3 million members across the country and has committed to investing heavily to organize workers to vote for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, where about 250,000 of their members live.
  3. Billionaires are parasites

    “The organizing victory for the UAW was also a major defeat for right-wing advocacy organizations—many of which were funded by billionaire Charles Koch—which have been aggressively attempting to thwart unionization in the South for more than a decade.”
  4. Great news here. I didn’t even know this was happening. Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga, Tenn., passed a historic vote to join the United Auto Workers on Friday, becoming the first Southern auto factory to approve a union with an election since the 1940s. The vote marks a victor
  5. Tennessee VW workers hold key unionization vote

    By © AFP 2022 Volkswagen employees in Tennessee will begin casting ballots Wednesday in a vote that could make theirs the first foreign carmaker to unionize in the American South, expanding gains made by organized labor in the auto heartland of Detroit. Hopes were high among suppor
  6. Steelworkers union endorses President Biden. #organizedlabor #unionstrong #unions #steelworkers #labor #Biden #bidenharris2024 #voteblue2024
  7. Ohio

    Sherrod Brown: "They all are for a national abortion ban,” Brown said. “They’ve never supported organized labor. They’ve never supported workers. They’re all three against the minimum wage. So, we’ll be ready for whoever it is." #ohio #senate #Abortion #reproductiverights #labor #o
  8. #NikkiHaley has one thing that really sets her apart from her #gop primary rivals: The depth of her hatred for #union workers. As John Nichols writes in this February 2023 piece for The Nation : “[Haley] despises #organizedlabor with a fury that is unrivaled in American politics.”