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    Considering that there is OpSec but still some progress are reported on both south and Bakhmut area, here is the report of the yesterday losses of the loser/invader. Still a very high number of tanks, artillery, and other vehicles (way higher than annual average, little higher tha
  2. AFU is clearing the remnants of orc presence in Novoprokopivka. There is a strict op sec being observed, so you will not see any map updates from anyone until AFU decides its safe to release the information. On the other hand, Russians are pouring in lots of reserves to stop Ukra
  3. Ukranian analyst on the current situation: OPSEC is so tight a mouse doesn’t squeak without permission. Russia continues to fake video from prior battles to make it seem Ukraine is not having an easy time. At least three videos are at least a month or more older than they appear.
  4. 9 Things I Learned After 900 Daily Pictures

    By Lara Carretero Believe it or not, by the time 2020 was coming to an end, I was a total mess. I had just moved to a new city with a couple of contacts, not enough money to live on, and virtually no prospects. What I had, though, was my computer, my phone, my trusty Sony A7RIII,
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  6. Operational Security ( #OPSEC ) OPSEC: Schutz der Privatsphäre und Sicherheit im digitalen Zeitalter von Sunny
  7. I Hope This Email Finds You Well... I wrote this, and it has just been published on Medium. #email #infosec #opsec #tracking #surveillance