1. Kristi Noem / Just Watch This

    She recorded the audio version. Give us all an effing break. Just watch this. Seriously. The stuff coming out from the face is just so...you fill in the blanks. 15 minute clip below. @johnjharwood reposted @atrupar 5/5/2024.
  2. The Hard Numbers on YouTube Shorts

    By Kaya Yurieff Last week, we published a deep dive into YouTube, whose leaders are bringing a new focus on financial discipline at the expense of support staff that helped creators grow and manage their accounts. That focus on the bottom line has raised the hackles of creators. B
  3. Watch Brian Chira Heap Praise on Tizian During First Meeting When He Was Boda Boda Rider in Nakuru

    By Susan Mwenesi The late Brain Chira was credited with kickstarting Tizian Savage aka King Tizian's journey to becoming a content creator In a video shared online, the two met in a Nakuru street, and Tizian was so happy to see the TikTok sensation. Chira introduced him to TikTok a
  4. VIDEO: Nigerian lady takes call confirming her visa approval via video call, holds tears

    By Basit Jamiu A video showcasing a young lady who received a call confirming her visa approval has captivated online audiences The lasy, elated by the positive result of her visa application, struggled to restrain her tears The clip reveals a man providing her with the first-time u