1. Woman plugs SA with 5 skincare products for clear skin in a video, Mzansi love it

    By Johana Mukandila A stunning lady shared five products with prices for clear skin, and the footage went viral online In the TikTok clip, she unveiled the items and explained in detail the products leaving peeps impressed The online community reacted to the stunner's video as they
  2. Find out how people reacted when Michy shaded Fella Makafui over her body enhancing products saga

    By Geraldine Amoah Media personality Michy caused a frenzy on social media when she posted on Instagram about body enhancing products she is an ambassador for The post came at a time when actress Fella Makafui's business, Simply Snatched, was facing scrutiny after her estranged hus
  3. Avoid 'cooking' blood into fabric – remove easily with natural £1.70 home item

    By Lucy Marshall A home and skin hygiene expert has revealed exactly why you shouldn't put hot water on a clothes stained with blood. There's nothing worse than getting a harsh stain on your favourite pair of jeans or go-to t-shirt. If you or your child has ever fallen off a bike,
  4. Alex! Your Posts have been a lifeline for me as I am crunched for time and energy. My wish would be to follow you on the next social platform. Please let me/us know where you plan on engaging in next. I will need my Alex's by line fix!
  5. VIDEO: Tragic Twist as Kenyan Woman Dies One Week after Introducing American Lover to Villagers

    By Amondi Aroko A Kenyan TikToker identified as Lynette died a week after she travelled to the village to introduce her man The lady who was allegedly dating a black American was fond of posting videos showing off their love story Her daughter, in an exclusive interview with TUKO.co