1. Brent family of six wins £3,600 payout after living in 'severely overcrowded' two-bedroom home

    By Grant Williams A North London council has been ordered to pay a family £3,600 after they were left living in a “severely overcrowded” home for 18 months longer than they should have. The family of six had been living in a two-bed property despite the local authority accepting th
  2. Who are the Waspi women? Perth and Kinross Council calls for immediate action

    By Rachael Davies and Nuray Bulbul Women who were impacted by changes to the state pension age and were born in the 1950s have unanimously called for compensation from Perth and Kinross Council.A resolution was presented by SNP councillors Michelle Frampton and Mike Williamson on
  3. Renters Reform Bill: What you need to know and how it will impact renters and landlords

    By Ruby Flanagan The Renters Reform Bill has been passed in Parliament - but what does it now offer for renters and landlords? After five years since promising huge change, the Tories took their Renters Reform Bill to the Commons this week where MPs considered the new amendments be
  4. 230 Returned Home in Prisoners Exchange, Including Defenders of Azovstal and Snake Island

    224 Ukrainian POWs and six civilians have returned home after a prisoner exchange with Russia, announced President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Jan 3. Read also: From Azovstal siege to Taganrog hell: Valeria Subotina’s journey through captivity Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets later added that
  5. Air Force: Ukraine downs 5 of 10 Russian attack drones launched overnight

    By Martin Fornusek Ukrainian forces shot down five of the 10 Shahed "kamikaze" drones launched by Russia overnight, the Air Force reported on Dec. 30. The attack unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) were reportedly launched from Cape Chauda in Russian-occupied Crimea, mainly ta
  6. Jon Sopel hits out at EDF as monthly energy bill rises from £152 to £19,000 a month

    By Lucretia Munro & Katie Wilson Former BBC newsreader Jon Sopel has hit out at energy supplier EDF after his bill appeared to jump from £152 a month to a staggering £19,000. Jon, 64, took to social media to express his fury in response to artist Grayson Perry's post which berated
  7. “The voices of refugee claimants will be critical”: Meet Toronto’s new deputy ombudsman for housing

    By Toronto Life In the summer, scores of asylum seekers from several African countries found themselves sleeping on the streets in Toronto after being turned away from the city’s shelters. It was a dramatic symptom of Toronto’s ever-escalating housing crisis and a bad look for a c
  8. #MistakenCremation #HospitalTragedy #BSCFA #Misinformation #InvestmentProject #SenateInquiry #Ombudsman #RecallGilroyUsherSr #PoliceShooting #YouthChallengeFacilityReopening BNP Paribas letter comes to light in port saga—news from Belize, 13 July.
  9. #inflation #increase #consumerprices #heatwave #thunderstorms #policecommissioner #job #ombudsman #expansion #teenager #heartsurgery #Belize Heatwave forecast and a teenager receives a pacemaker—news from Belize, 2 June.