1. ‘House of Villains’ Winner Tanisha Thomas Reveals Her ‘Shock’ Over Finale Vote & Her Plans for the Prize Money (Exclusive)

    By Avery Thompson America’s Greatest Supervillain has been crowned. ‘Bad Girls Club’ alum Tanisha Thomas breaks down that finale vote and her upcoming plans. House of Villains has its first-ever champion. After an intense and drama-filled season, the hit E! reality series
  2. Tanisha Thinks Way Too Highly of Herself on House Of Villains

    When Omarosa surprised Tanisha by nominating her to be booted from House of Villains, Tanisha started saying things showing she suffered from a serious case of big ego. Sorry, Tanisha, but the show isn’t going to fall apart if you leave. 🙄 3rd TikTok today: You can also see Tani
  3. Tanisha Is Mad at Omarosa on House of Villains As She Doesn’t Understand How These Shows Work

    Tanisha doesn’t seem to understand how competitive reality TV shows like House of Villains work, as she complained that Omarosa was only out for herself. Yeah, that’s the point! Not to mention that she’s, you know, a VILLAIN! 3rd TikTok today: You can also see Tanisha whining abo
  4. Omarosa REALLY Doesn’t Like Reality TV Floaters, As She Noted on House of Villains

    When Omarosa became the House of Villains Supervillain for the second time, she didn’t want to take a shot at a big target, but rather someone she felt was trying to sneak through the game. She really doesn’t like those types. 3rd TikTok today: You can also see Omarosa’s opinion
  5. With that, what about the 'Meadows wore wire for FBI in White House' bullshit There IS a kernel of truth to it. Because EVERY Trumpomobster expected to have to plea bargain when Trump crimes become exposed - so they ALL recorded Trump of course. Omarosa TOLD THEM TO DO SO. They AL
  6. Shake Chatterjee Came Into House of Villains Clueless and Got Quickly Schooled By Omarosa

    Shake Chatterjee came into House of Villains without a clue of how to play. Omarosa taught him a few early lessons and he was trying to learn. But will it stick? 3rd TikTok today: You can also see Shake get educated by Omarosa as a YouTube Short: Or on Instagram: #HouseOfVillains
  7. House of Villains Shake Discovered That When Omarosa Asks If You Want to Work With Her, You Say YES!

    Shake came to House of Villains from Love Is Blind and apparently knows nothing about how these types of shows work. If someone — ESPECIALLY someone like Omarosa — asks if you want to work with them, you say YES! Or it WILL come back to bite you. 3rd TikTok today: You can also se