1. See List of Richest People from Embu, What They Own

    By Japhet Ruto Embu is a member of the Central Region Economic Bloc (CEREB), contributing 1.57% to Kenya's Gross Domestic Product Patrick Njiru Kuria, a serial entrepreneur who owns Paleah Stores Limited and Kenya Mpya buses is one of the richest people from Embu Sarah Kabu who runs
  2. Auditor General Releases Special Report: Reveals Why Fuel Prices Remained High Despite Government Subsidies

    By Elijah Ntongai A staggering KSh 139.1 billion was used in the fuel subsidy programme since the beginning of the programme in 2021 Oil marketers received KSh 5.3 billion in advance, and the AG says there was no legal framework for the advance payments AG report also revealed that