1. Sunday Pages: "Good Riddance, But Now What?" and "Lucas With the Lid Off"

    By Greg Olear Dear Reader, As 2023 draws to a close, I feel anxious knowing that the year to come will be among the most momentous in U.S. history. Fascism—with its hateful herald, antisemitism—is on the rise, here and abroad. So is covid. Two of our allies are at war. The climate
  2. Photo of the Day

    By Brenda Elthon “A girl who's bespectacled “May not get her nectacled.” To call Ogden Nash a poet, or a satirist, or a humorist is to do him an injustice. For he was all of these. Plus, a ‘laughing philosopher,’ according to admiring literary critics. When people asked Nash what he di
  3. Review: Not Everyone Liked the New Deal

    By Stephanie Slade New Deal Rebels , a new anthology published by the American Institute for Economic Research, is an antidote to the idea that there ever was a consensus behind President Franklin D. Roosevelt's attempts to end the Great Depression by, among other things, forcing f
  4. "Middle age is when you've met so many people that every new person you meet reminds you of someone else." -- Ogden Nash
  5. Have it your way

    When reach exceeds grasp (in both senses of the word), from @ryanqnorth in Dinosaur Comics (Plus- Ogden Nash) “He offered alternative facts” #cartoon #cartoons #comic #comics #comicstrip #dinosaurcomics #grasp #history #humor #laws #law #literature #ogdennash #poetry #reach #reali
  6. On the street VI : Dragons

    When did your last magical dragon die or simply tire Flying away from the facade, the happy childhood lie, the tales told to others as bruises fade When did your castles built upon clouds melt into graying piped fog fading shade or voices from internalized jeering crowds Fathers’ i