1. Going COMPLETELY off-grid in Tennessee for 4-6 weeks starting tomorrow. Essentially a retreat for deep inner work. No phone, no laptop. Only journals and books, therapy and coaching. I don't know what it will bring, but I will venture to say that it won't be uneventful.
  2. My Amazon Jungle rainforest suite ~ restrooms extra #offthegrid
  3. Kanye West wanted to 'defecate into a hole in the floor' in unfinished home remodel

    By Alex West & Caroline Gaspich As Kanye West is being sued over alleged labour violations a former employee revealed that Kanye requested to reside in unlivable conditions inside his unfinished home wanting to shower outside, defecate into a hole in the floor, and live with no el
  4. I'll be off the grid for several days, in case anyone notices I've gone quiet. Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦
  5. Off the Grid in the Amazon rainforest
  6. Skookumchuck Narrows #SunshineCoast #BritishColumbia 3 mile hike #offthegrid
  7. ‘Unnecessary deaths’: relatives mourn US family who died off the grid #News #USNews #Colorado #ColoradoNews #OffTheGrid
  8. A Life Well-lived Off the Grid for Conservation

    An inspiring story of a woman who loved wildlife and mankind. #inspirationalwoman #PostWriters #ConservationNow #wildlife #offthegrid #birds #crow #WomenInScience #birds #animals