1. Russia will strike in unexpected places this summer, Ukraine says

    (Reuters) - Russian troops will strike in unexpected parts of the front when they conduct their summer offensive in Ukraine and could try to advance on the northeastern city of Kharkiv, the commander of Ukraine's National Guard said on Tuesday. Ukraine's second largest city has be
  2. Good Friday - Palestinian Via Dolorosa...

    More then 32,000 of #Palestinians 70% #Women 's and #Kids have been #killed by #IDF in #Israel ’s ongoing #offensive in #Gaza , launched after #Hamas ’ Oct. 7 killings and hostage-taking in Israel. Hundreds of #Christians participated in a customary #Good #Friday procession through th
  3. Russia prepares for new offensive in May-June, we are not ready for it ? Zelenskyy Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, has revealed that the Russians may be preparing to conduct a new offensive which is expected late in May or in June. He did not specify which front was und
  4. Biden Readies New Weapons Shipment to Israel; US Embassy Says "No Human Rights Concerns"...

    Times of Israel: According to the report , the proposed shipment includes around a thousand units of #MK82bombs , #fuses , and #Joint #Direct #Attack #Munitions #guidancekits , which add precision guidance to #bombs . The package is estimated to be worth tens of #millions of #dollars . A
  5. Rebel fire and China's ire: Inside Myanmar's anti-junta offensive

    (Reuters) - Generals from Myanmar's junta held peace talks in June near the border with China with representatives of three powerful ethnic armies. They sat across a wide table covered with blue cloth and decorated with elaborate bouquets. But the rebels were playing a double-game
  6. Ukrainian forces vigilant as Russians plan Kupyansk reoccupation, army says

    Russian invasion forces are attempting to identify vulnerabilities in the defense of Kupyansk in Kharkiv Oblast to once again occupy the city, Volodymyr Fityo, Ukraine’s Ground Forces Command spokesperson, said on national television on Nov. 26. “So, the Russian occupiers have not
  7. Girl, 10, who refused to answer 'rude' test question praised for brilliant reply

    By Emma Mackenzie A little girl has been hailed as 'courageous' for making a stand against an 'offensive' question on her school maths test. After Rhythm Pacheco finished her homework, mum Naomi looked over her young daughter's work and discovered the powerful message she had left
  8. Ukrainian forces seize control of Topoli village, unfurl flag

    Ukrainian border guards took control of the village of Topoli in Kharkiv Oblast, raising the Ukrainian flag there, according to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (DPSU) on Nov. 11, although the settlement’s full liberation remains uncertain. Military expert and former spok
  9. "So I hear your mom's a virgin, eh? Mind if I give her a call?"
  10. Leicester star avoids charge over "offensive" Palestine post as FA issue warning to clubs

    By Jacob Leeks Leicester star Hamza Choudhury will not be charged by the FA over his post in support of Palestine. On Monday, Choudhury tweeted a picture of the Palestinian flag with the caption: "From the river to the sea". That phrase is part of a chant that has been branded hate