1. Israel Self Defense is not Right to Kill by International Laws

    In sum, according to the #InternationalLaws , the October 7th attack by #Hamas was a war crime by a #liberation #movement against an #occupying #force . #Israel responded with #disproportionate and #ruthless #destruction of #civilians , property, and assets in #Gaza . These actions k
  2. UK study finds policing of county lines 'criminalizes' minority youth

    By Science X staff A new research report has raised concerns that policing efforts targeting "county lines" drug operations in the U.K. rely on discriminatory assumptions about minority groups and contribute to the criminalization of minoritized communities. This study was carried
  3. Fearless Fani firmly files for fast-moving, focused, formal trial for all fanatical 19 offenders on October 23,2023. (I couldn’t resist)