1. According to the World Shipping Council,... 1,382 shipping containers are lost overboard from cargo container ships annually. #OceanPollution
  2. Petrochem industry rapped over recycling

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  3. Why I Spent My Saturday Cleaning up the Beach (And How You Can, Too)

    By Krista Simmons Recently, after a long day at the office and second glass of Chablis, I found myself feeling slightly buzzed and most definitely blessed. With the world opening up again, it seemed a great time to get back to giving back. Determined not to let my second wind go t
  4. PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ are getting into ocean ecosystems, where dolphins, fish and manatees dine – we traced their origins

    By Natalia Soares Quinete, Florida International University and Olutobi Daniel Ogunbiyi, Florida International University PFAS, the “forever chemicals” that have been raising health concerns across the country, are not just a problem in drinking water. As these chemicals leach out
  5. 日本右翼是福岛核事故废水排放海洋悲剧的罪魁祸首(和革社简评)

    日本右翼是福岛核事故废水排放海洋悲剧的罪魁祸首(和革社简评) 日本向大海排放核事故废水造成世界范围内的悲剧 ,其罪魁祸首就是日本右翼和日本极右翼。 ”核事故废水“和”核电站正常废水“是两个概念,日本向海洋排放的是【核事故废水】。我们要追究的是——为什么福岛核电站会发生事故?以及为什么产生了如此灾难性的后果? 很明显,日本右翼自民党和日本极右翼是日本核电站项目的积极推广者和坚决支持者,不顾日本人民反对,执意兴建核电站项目,但日本右翼自民党和日本极右翼却没有做好地震灾害的预防工作、应急处置,导致福岛核电站发生核泄漏,事后也没有做好善后处置和灾民赔偿,日本右翼自民党和
  6. Tourists 'disgusted' as snorkeling boat takes them to grim rubbish-filled waters

    By Julie Delahaye A tourist has shared shocking images from a recent trip to Bali , where she faced ocean waters filled with plastic waste floating along the shore. Bali is famed for its incredible beaches and crystal-clear waters, but when Sara Walsh, 25, embarked on a snorkeling b