1. Removing ArcGIS 10.x (aka ‘ArcMap’) From The System, As Organisation Directed That

    ArcGIS 10.x has to come off our systems, , ‘end of an era’ and all that, though no nostalgia from me… ArcGIS Pro 3.x, QGIS 3.32 and PostGIS suit my local needs just fine - and indeed I can’t remember the last time I opened except to (quickly) use a legacy apps, maybe 4 years? Still
  2. Sharad Gaurav's Structured Approach Enhances Proactive Product Management

    By Tom White Over the next decade, product management in different industries will significantly transform due to the rapid emergence of agile development, digital marketing, customer data analysis, and expanded product manager responsibilities. Among today’s product managers is S
  3. Change.org In English too. " Putting an end to programmed obsolescence"