1. Oath and Honor, When a Lifetime of Failures Culminates in the Ultimate Lie!

    Reading the book, Oath and Honor, by Liz Cheney, it’s hard to put the book down, the gist of the book is the story of Trump and how he was told multiple times that he lost the Presidential election but he needed a hook to keep his hoodwinked followers in line, in his camp, so he
  3. 👇🇺🇸"Trump furious after Pentagon officials warned against using military for coup : Liz Cheney" #LizCheney #OathAndHonor #TrumpCoupAttempt
  4. Forthright and concise about her long held opposition to Liz Cheney's political positions, Rachel compels us to cross the divide for the very real threat we are facing. #5ALARMFIRE #OATHANDHONOR #LizCheneyBook
  5. Trump Hits Back at Liz Cheney by… Admitting He Eats Too Much?

    By Tori Otten Donald Trump tried Monday to set the record straight with former Representative Liz Cheney, insisting that he wasn’t depressed after his 2020 election loss. He was just hangry. In Cheney’s book Oath and Honor, which comes out Tuesday, she says that her former colleagu
  6. Trump denies being depressed after Jan 6 and insists he was eating ‘too much’

    By Rachel Sharp Donald Trump is pushing back on claims that he stopped eating in the aftermath of the January 6 Capitol riot – instead saying he was actually eating “too much”. Last week, an extract from former Republican lawmaker Liz Cheney ’s new book was released, revealing detai
  7. Trump knew he’d lost election but needed to go through ‘stages of grief’, Liz Cheney says in new book

    By John Bowden Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy believed that Donald Trump had accepted his defeat in the 2020 election and was going through the “five stages of grief” in the days immediately following the contest, according to a new book by Liz Cheney. The former House Republican co
  8. GOP congressman called Trump ‘the orange Jesus’ amid efforts to overturn election, new book claims

    By Graig Graziosi Former Republican Representative Liz Cheney called Donald Trump 's supporters in Congress "enablers and collaborators" in a new book, and revealed that at least one member called the former president "orange Jesus." Ms Cheney reportedly does not hold back from crit