1. Sadiq Khan has got his priorities wrong... I would have done it differently, says Susan Hall

    By Susan Hall A week’s always been a long time in politics, and last week was no different. Whilst Westminster was full of surprises, City Hall was just more of the same. Soon after Sadiq Khan crossed the finish line, with me at his heels, he signed off on a round of pay rises for
  2. The Traitors producer names Liz Truss as dream contestant for celebrity spinoff of BBC show

    By Rachael Burford The producer of The Traitors have named Liz Truss as one of their dream contestants for the celebrity spinoff. The hit BBC reality show, which is currently filming its third season, is expected to launch a version with famous faces next year. "Liz Truss, I think s
  3. Liz Truss had some pretty wild strategy advice for Boris Johnson in the 2019 election

    By Mikey Smith Liz Truss would have made Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister if the Tories had listened to her in 2019, a former Downing Street chief has claimed. The failed Prime Minister, who was Trade Secretary at the time of the 2019 election, wanted to ditch the 'Get Brexit Done' slo
  4. OPINION - The Conservatives are reaching terminal velocity in their flight from sanity

    By Matthew d'Ancona The real Conservative plot is a subversive struggle against reality. In last Thursday’s elections , the Tories lost 397 seats and Labour , the Lib Dems and the Greens gained a total of 394; in Blackpool South, the by-election swing from the Conservatives to Labou
  5. Rishi Sunak warns Putin 'will not stop at Polish border' as he pledges record military aid package for Ukraine

    By Rachael Burford Rishi Sunak will pledge a record £500million military aid package for Ukraine ahead of a meeting with European leaders and Nato’s Secretary-General. Warning that Russian President Vladimir Putin "will not stop at the Polish border" if his assault on Ukraine is no