1. Samsung Under Investigation Following Radiation Exposure Accident

    By Kate Irwin South Korea's Nuclear Safety and Security Commission is now conducting an investigation of Samsung's chip manufacturing plant in Giheung, south of Seoul, after two Samsung employees were exposed to radiation. The workers were exposed on Monday and have since been hosp
  2. Ukraine's largest nuclear power plant suffers power supply glitch that could lead to Chernobyl-like catastrophe with 'significant radioactive pollution across Europe'

    By Holly Bishop A power supply glitch at Ukraine’ s largest nuclear power plant could have resulted in “significant radioactive pollution in Europe and Russia”, similar to Chernobyl, a nuclear expert has warned. The main power line at Zaporizhzhia NPP (ZNPP), which is currently bein
  3. Over 50 IAEA delegations unite to hold Russia accountable for safety threats at occupied ZNPP

    54 delegations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) supported a statement prepared by Ukraine on threats to nuclear and radiation safety posed by Russia, the Ukrainian Energy Ministry reported on May 22. For the first time in history, Russia, as an IAEA member state, d
  4. The Scandalous Science Behind Nuclear Regulation

    By James Broughel Nuclear power could be a game-changer for energy affordability, grid reliability, and carbon reduction. However, it's been stifled for decades based on one deeply flawed scientific model: the linear no-threshold (LNT) model. The theory underlying this model sugge
  5. World's most dangerous substance kills you in 2 days if you look at it for 5 minutes

    By Harriet Brewis In April 1986, the world suffered its worst nuclear disaster to date when a reactor at the Chernobyl power plant in Ukraine , exploded. The eruption was so severe that toxic levels of radioactive material spewed out of the plant for 10 days, with more than 50 tons
  6. Half of Ukraine's energy system damaged – Ukraine's Foreign Minister

    By Economichna Pravda Half of Ukraine's energy system has been damaged by Russian attacks. At the same time, the country is holding on because it has "learnt a lot". Source: Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in an interview with Foreign Policy Quote: "Half our energy system i