1. US Spy Plane Sweeps North Korean Border

    By John Feng An American surveillance aircraft performed a full sweep of the Korean Peninsula's heavily armed demilitarized zone last week on the same day North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was said to have overseen the test of new ballistic missile technology. Aircraft signals receiv
  2. TikTok law threatening a ban if the app isn’t sold raises First Amendment concerns

    By Anupam Chander, Georgetown University and Gautam Hans, Cornell University TikTok, the short-video company with Chinese roots, did the most American thing possible on May 7, 2024: It sued the U.S. government , in the person of Attorney General Merrick Garland, in federal court. T
  3. Opinion: Putin's China visit was another battle in Russia's war of economic endurance

    By Timothy Ash Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a clear signal to the West last week: China stands firmly behind Russia. Putin made his first foreign trip since his inauguration to Beijing to meet with President Xi Jinping on May 16. The visit came after a cabinet r
  4. World Bank funds Turkey with $1 Billion to support renewables

    By Isabella Hannah - Green Prophet A facade of shimmering steel panels envelops this control centre that Istanbul studio Bilgin Architects has created in the plains of Karapinar, Turkey. The Turkish government has signed a USD 1 billion (EUR 919 million) agreement with the World Ba
  5. North Korean Hackers Target US Ally

    By John Feng One or more hacking groups linked to North Korea has breached the personal emails of more than 100 people in the South, including the accounts of senior defense officials, according to local reports. Officials with South Korea 's police and the Defense Ministry, which a
  6. ‘They’ve grown back’: How Russia surprised the West and rebuilt its force

    By Noah Robertson The Pentagon in March put a price tag on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Speaking in the officer’s club at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin read a list of costs the Kremlin had tallied over two years: More than 315,000 troops killed
  7. North Korea Reacts to 'Nuclear Threat' From US

    By Micah McCartney North Korea has accused the United States of a "dangerous act" and of hypocrisy following a recent subcritical nuclear test. "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea will not allow a strategic imbalance and security vacuum to be created on the Korean peninsula,
  8. North Korea test-fires suspected missiles a day after US and South Korea conduct fighter jet drill

    By Jacob Phillips North Korea has test-fired suspected missiles a day after the US and South Korea flew powerful fighter jets, which the dictatorship views as a major security threat. Suspected short-range ballistic missiles were fired off North Korea ’s east coast on Friday, South
  9. Kim Jong Un's North Korea Conducts Missile Test A Day After Top Leader's Sister Denies Supplying Weapons To Russia Amid Ukraine War

    North Korea reportedly test-fired suspected short-range ballistic missiles. This comes on the heels of Kim Jong Un ‘s sister Kim Yo Jong ‘s denial of supplying arms to Russia. What Happened : The missiles were launched from North Korea’s east coast Wonsan region at around 3:10 p.m. l