1. California man wins $1m after 17-hour police interrogation falsely accusing him of killing father, who was alive

    By Mike Bedigan A California man has won a lawsuit against a city police department whose officers interrogated him for 17 hours, threatened to kill his dog , and pressured him to confess to murdering his own father, who was still alive. The city of Fontana, some 50 miles east of Lo
  2. End the War on Pregnancy Resource Centers | Opinion

    By Chuck Donovan Imagine having such an absolutist position on abortion that you feel it is your duty to attack community organizations that offer women free ultrasounds and strollers. Imagine being so comfortable in your government sinecure that you conclude public funds are best
  3. Half Moon Bay farms to pay workers $450K in back wages and damages in probe that began after deadly shooting, feds say

    By Taylor Romine and Dalia Faheid, CNN Two mushroom farms in Northern California agreed to pay more than $450,000 in back wages and damages for dozens of employees stemming from a federal work- and living-conditions investigation that started after seven people were fatally shot t
  4. California's High-Speed Rail Gets Major Update

    By Kaitlin Lewis Brightline West announced an updated list of its field investigation sites as construction continues on a high-speed rail line between Las Vegas and Southern California. According to a release from the rail company on Monday, four additional project areas have been
  5. Tesla Layoffs To Continue Through June, Morale Low Among Workers

    By Shivani Kumaresan Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA ) employees are fearful as the rolling layoffs are expected to continue through at least June. Over a month into CEO Elon Musk's plan to cut at least 10% of the workforce , the process is ongoing, causing employees to anxiously check their
  6. ©️ Rick Ehling 📷 04/27/2024 #Madia #Sacramento #California #inthegarden #sundayyellow 🌱 🌿 #californianativeplant #sunshine Yesterday my husband and I drove, ( something we rarely do on the weekends ), from San Francisco to the center of #NorthernCalifornia and our state’s capital for