1. 'My neighbour allows their dog to drench my car in urine – I need revenge'

    By Danielle Kate Wroe It can be difficult to stop your animal going to the toilet when nature calls - but one man was so furious his new neighbour was allowing their dog to wee on his car that he wanted to take revenge . Taking to Reddit's 'Neighbours From Hell' forum , the man expla
  2. Man arrested for child abduction after teen child of billionaire tech entrepreneurs found in van 6 days after running away

    By Martha McHardy A man has been arrested on child abduction charges after the teenage child of the billionaire tech entrepreneurs who co-founded Slack and Flickr was found in San Francisco on Saturday, six days after going missing. Mint Butterfield, who uses they/them pronouns, wa
  3. Students 'traumatised' after boy 'attacked with hammer' by fellow pupil at school

    By Monica Charsley Students have been left "traumatised" after a teen was reportedly struck over the head with a hammer by a fellow pupil at a secondary school in South West London. Children at Harris Academy Morden, based in Merton, returned home in "tears" after they witnessed a
  4. God bless her. Been begging property-owners, property-managers & their staff, home-owners & their "gardeners", city halls in 2 states, "urban forester" officials, neighbors, newspapers, anyone nearby any time an adjacent subject arises-----for 30+ years to come to their senses &
  5. My Top Tips for Finding Discount Auto Parts on a Budget

    It's hard keeping your car running in tip top shape when money is tight. Replacing worn parts can really break the bank if you aren't careful. But don't worry, there are ways to find quality auto parts for cheap so you can get your car back on the road without going broke. In thi
  6. Don't be a mark

    Trailer theft is such a problem here in the #PNW that the news regularly features sad stories from people who had everything they owned in a trailer that was stolen. #Nextdoor is chockablock with them. We've had several in this side of town. One even involved an RV that was inhab
  7. You had to know you were screwing up royally

    I just put a #Nextdoor seller in her place and she's really not happy. If you're trying to sell me a product that you cannot legally sell to myself or my family in this state, yeah I'm gonna roast you.
  8. Every once in awhile I stumble onto #nextdoor and am reminded just how willfully ignorant and hateful trumpers are before I close it. Blech! 🤮
  9. Kids these days are such unimaginative slackers

    Ah, the seasonal #Nextdoor posts about "Kids destroyed my pumpkins at 3am this this morning!". That's not the amusing part. The amusing part is the comments along the lines of, "Ooh those awful parents, why are their kids out at 3am?". Sheeeit. I was such an awful kid that my dad
  10. Artists will always sell their best stuff tomorrow

    #Nextdoor pays off with my existing inventory potentially already sold. Potentially, lol. Wait til she sees the skeletons I have on hand for trellises yet unbuilt. They're my favorites of this entire venture. And I've already decided to switch from pressure-treated to cedar for th