1. Projecting Your Magnetic Power

    A belief in the existence of a personal power, influence, or atmosphere, on the part of certain individuals, which enables the possessor to attract, influence, dominate or control others, has been held by the race from the earliest days of written history. Many of the oldest writi
  2. Three Propositions

    Well, my first proposition is this one. The individual state of consciousness determines the conditions and the circumstances of his life. The second proposition is that man can select the state of consciousness with which he desires to be identified; and the third follows natura
  3. Gaza, A View From Istanbul: Why I Still Believe In Western Values

    By Murat Sevinç & DIKEN -Essay- ISTANBUL — Civilians in Palestine are being bombed in front of our eyes . The “civilized” world continues to stand witness to the reckless use of violence by Israel, as it has done so many times before. Yet a part of the world does not just witness th
  4. Become a receiving station

    Use this method to become a receiving station for great ideas #receive #idea #lawofattraction #manifesting #creation #brianscott #realityrevolution #anthonynorvell #newthought #divine #consciousness #mindset #miracles