1. Cardell Hayes faces 40 years in prison as he's found guilty of manslaughter in fatal shooting of ex-Saints DE Will Smith

    By Aarzoo Kalyan NEW ORLEANS: A man has been found guilty in the shooting death of former NFL defensive end Will Smith, which occurred in April 2016, after an incident that followed a New Orleans car crash. Several outlets reported that a jury found Cardell Hayes guilty of manslaug
  2. Is Doreen's Sweets still open? 'Queer Eye' fans curious after Doreen Ketchens accuses Netflix of property damage and exploitation

    By Aritri Paul NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA: During filming, Doreen Ketchens , a musician from Louisiana who was featured on 'Queer Eye' Season 8 , accused the production staff of causing property damage and abusing their position. Bobby Berk , a member of the Fab Five , gave her shop, Dore
  3. Suspected ‘porch pirate’ steals package moments after UPS truck drives away

    By Oliver Browning The New Orleans Police Department has released home security footage of a suspected thief stealing a package off a porch moments after a UPS delivery van drove off. A dark-coloured pickup truck is seen pulling into the same spot the courier had parked in, before