1. As Federal Marijuana Reclassification Is Poised To Take Effect, These States Focus On Cannabis Reform

    By Jelena Martinovic With cannabis rescheduling being a hot topic these days, let's scroll through the latest regulatory changes in the cannabis space. In fact, if you want to understand what these policy changes mean for the future of the industry, join us at the upcoming Benzinga
  2. Alaska's Cannabis Tax, New York's Overdose Prevention, Possible Product Contamination In Arizona & More

    By Nina Zdinjak Alaska: House Sends Cannabis Tax Measure To Senate The Alaska House of Representatives voted Friday in favor of House Bill 119 – a cannabis tax measure, reported Alaska Beacon. The measure was approved in a 36-3 vote. If the bill passes the Senate and gets Gov. Mike
  3. Colorado, New Hampshire Send Cannabis Bills To Governors, Illinois' Social Equity Licenses And Updates From Kansas And Montana

    By Nina Zdinjak Colorado: Bipartisan Cannabis Bill To Streamline Regulations Heading To Governor The Colorado General Assembly gave final approval Wednesday to a bipartisan bill aimed at streamlining the state's marijuana regulations . It is now headed to Gov. Jared Polis for his si
  4. New Hampshire House Passes GOP-Led Cannabis Legalization Bill That Doesn't Meet All Governor's Requirements

    By Nina Zdinjak The New Hampshire House passed a cannabis legalization bill Thursday in a 239-136 vote. The news comes some two months after the House gave its first approval sending the measure to the Finance Committee before returning to the floor for a final vote. Sponsored by R
  5. Weed Decriminalization On Ballot In Another Texas City, Hemp Seeds In Animal Feed And More Cannabis Regs

    By Jelena Martinovic Marijuana Decriminalization On May 2024 Ballot In Lubbock, Texas Lawmakers in Lubbock, Texas gave the green light to a resolution that will allow the inclusion of a local marijuana decriminalization initiative on the ballot next spring. This decision comes foll