1. FIR #400: Love Them or Hate Them, Press Releases Done Right Still Have Value

    In a LinkedIn post, Techcrunch Sr. Enterprise Editor Frederic Lardinois lamented the ineffectiveness of an event-related press release he received. To date, 42 comments have agreed, many condemning the utter uselessness of press releases and the incompetence of those who produce
  2. Meet the top 7 highest-earning Nigerian skit makers of 2023

    By Oke-Hortons Nosa Like it or not, the skit-making/content-creating industry has come to stay; over the last 10 years, it has witnessed tremendous growth and has become highly lucrative. The year 2023 saw some young new acts in the industry make massive breakthroughs, including Gi
  3. Neville was "hunting" #indooronlycats #lifewithcats
  4. FIR #359: Your New AI BFF

    OpenAI is rolling out the ability to have a spoken conversation with ChatGPT. Meta is making it easy to converse with the likes of Tom Brady and Paris Hilton (who have lent their voices to the effort). An AI chatbot called PI was built to let you discuss personal matters. Compani
  5. FIR #356: The Long Arc of Network Disruption

    It’s easy to believe that the internet has already demonstrated its disruptive capabilities by pointing to everything from the transformation of the audience to publishers and the rise of disinformation. However disruptive these changes are, they are mainly uses of technology to