1. Sim Dope: Who is AKA's close friend and Robert Gumede's son?

    By Justine De Lange Sim Dope is a figure who rose to prominence by being the main focus behind the late South African rapper AKA's song of the same name in 2014. He may have inspired AKA, but who is Sim Dope? This article discusses the man behind the famous name. Sim Dope Gumede’s
  2. The Enyobeni Tavern owners were sentenced and some understood the judgement

    By Tebogo Mokwena The owners of the Enyobeni Tavern, where 21 young people died, have been sentenced after they were found guilty of selling liquor to minors The husband and wife pair were sentenced at the East London Regional Court to a R5 000 fine each or 100 days imprisonment Sou
  3. South Africans mourned the death of a police officer from Mpumalanga

    By Tebogo Mokwena An Mpumalanga South African Police Service officer was shot and killed while we were off duty on 17 February The officer's death was a mystery as the police do not know what led to the circumstances of his death South Africans were saddened by the death of the offi
  4. It took cops this amount of time to bust two suspects for allegedly killing a girl

    By Tebogo Mokwena Another teenager’s body was found in Balfour, Mpumalanga, leaving the nation stunned The South African Police Service wasted no time in hunting the suspects down, and they were arrested the next day South Africans were at a loss for words and expressed a desire for
  5. Get to know Matana Robert Junior Gumede, Robert Gumede's son

    By Bennett Yates Matana Robert Junior Gumede is a South African celebrity child famous as the son of Robert Gumede, a South African businessman and one of Africa's most accomplished business leaders and investors. He is the founder and executive chairman of the Guma Group, a diver