1. Filing Week surprise: Tiffany Smiley jumps into WA-04 race, challenging Dan Newhouse

    By Andrew Villeneuve The most recent Republican to be vanquished by Democratic United States Senator Patty Murray reentered the electoral arena today, belatedly declaring a candidacy for the U.S. House in Washington’s solidly red 4th Congressional District against incumbent Dan Ne
  2. Pinching Pennies for Putin -

    A political takedown essay on the execrable J.D. Vance The Dispatch Kevin D. Williamson Mon, April 22, 2024 There is a William F. Buckley Jr. line for every occasion, and the one for Sen. J.D. Vance is: “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what
  3. The GOP’s Worst Fears About the End of Roe v. Wade Have Come True

    By Walter Shapiro Nearly two years after the leak of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion overturning Roe v Wade, abortion refuses to step out of the spotlight on center stage in American politics. Virtually every week there is a new outrage: Arizona, one of six stat
  4. "The old National Review line on Trump was that he was a menace and a disgrace. The new line is that, although he’ll continue to degrade “public discourse and the image of republican governance,” Trump is, as Margaret Thatcher said of Mikhail Gorbachev on the eve of his ascent to
  5. What the Respectable Right Fears Most About a Trump Win: Angry Libs

    By Timothy Noah Liberals lately have been imagining, with some trepidation, what a second Donald Trump administration might look like. The Atlantic devoted its January/February issue to the subject. The New York Times editorial board warned in January that “Re-electing Mr. Trump wo
  6. Liberals, Stop Mocking Originalism—and Start Claiming It

    By Simon Lazarus Last month, the conservative writer Ramesh Ponnuru published an op-ed in The Washington Post arguing that Democrats “have lost the debate about the role of courts in our democracy.” He detailed how conservatives over two generations “developed a comprehensive stra
  7. Alabama plans the first nitrogen gas execution this week in largely secret process experts say raises concerns about cruelty

    By Dakin Andone, CNN Alabama intends to carry out the first known execution by nitrogen gas this week, when it’s scheduled to put to death Kenneth Smith some 14 months after failing to carry out his capital punishment by lethal injection. But little is known about how the method, n
  8. This Is Still Fascism—Only Worse

    By Matt Ford In 2015, Donald Trump infamously launched his first presidential campaign by descending a faux-gilded escalator and saying of undocumented immigrants, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” More than eig
  9. Rethink relationships

    Are you a "subject," a "consumer"… or a "citizen"? Becoming the citizens we need to be @kaib@mastodin.au (Plus- The National Review) “You are a citizen, and citizenship carries responsibilities” #citizen #citizenship #civics #conservatism #consumer #consumerculture #culture #cons
  10. Establishment Republicans Are Reviving the Myth of Mitt Romney’s Martyrdom

    By Alex Shephard On Thursday, after weeks spent in clownish limbo, House Republicans finally banded together and unanimously elected a speaker . Mike Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, is soft-spoken and generally well liked within his conference—a rarity, apparently, given that the