1. What a National-led government will mean for New Zealand's economy

    By: Lucy Craymer WELLINGTON (Reuters) - A National Party-led government has promised to cut government spending in New Zealand, reduce taxes and return the government accounts to surplus. But with coalition agreements yet to be sorted, there remain some questions about its economi
  2. New Zealand PM-elect Luxon, National leaders to start planning coalition

    By: Lucy Craymer and Renju Jose WELLINGTON (Reuters) -Senior members of New Zealand's National Party will meet on Sunday to plan forming a coalition government after the centre-right party and its preferred partner won a razor-thin electoral victory that could be eroded when the f
  3. New Zealand election: National party's Chris Luxon claims victory

    The opposition National Party has won the New Zealand election, taking enough seats to form a coalition with its allies on the right wing of politics. Incumbent prime minister Chris Hipkins, of Labour, phoned National's leader Chris Luxon to concede defeat. Mr Luxon thanked Nationa
  4. New Zealand election campaign winds down with Labour facing defeat

    By: Lucy Craymer WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins on Friday urged voters to get out and re-elect Labour in Saturday's national election, as polls indicate a change in government after six years of left-wing rule. Hipkins, who took over as prime minist
  5. South Africa: South Africa's ANC Controls Eight of Nine Provinces - Why the Western Cape Will Remain Elusive in the 2024 Elections

    By Keith Gottschalk / The Conversation Africa [The Conversation Africa] The African National Congress (ANC), which governs South Africa, finally held its postponed Western Cape provincial elective congress in June . This was after painstaking years of electing branch and regional e